Monday, August 29, 2011

Asin’s Shack Attack

There are rumours that Asin recently attacked a girl in a restaurant while eating out with her friends in Mumbai. Asin slapped the girl and torn off her t-shirt. Because of this the other girl’s cleavage and navel was visible. No one knew what had happened actually. The friends stopped her otherwise she would have almost killed her.

The girl in return also tried to do something to Asin but the slap of Asin was so strong that she could not hit back hard. She only grabbed the hair of Asin and same that she every grabbed the boobs of Asin so that she could press them hard and hurt her. But that girl failed to do anything right. She was the misery in that particular situation.

The rumours say that young girl is an upcoming artist who was going to work as a younger sister of Asin in the movie. Everything was decided till that girl came to Asin in that restaurant and simply told her that she is going to be now the lead artist of the movie and you are out as the producer has hired another young girl as my younger sister.

This thing made Asin angry and simply burst out on her and torn her off, slapped her and showed her body parts to everyone in the restaurant. Soon after security guys came in and stopped the fight. The rumours say that they also made video of this fight and some say pictures were taken. There rumours about the miserable girl that she is the sister of Katrina Kaif. Yes, the younger sister of Katirina Kaif. Now, the big question she is new in the field and why she would do such a thing.

The rumours say that Asin was not the frist choice of the producer in the upcoming flick with Hrithik Roshan. In fact it was Katrina Kaif. But with Asin’s love and affection the producer simply kicked her out and brought her in. But later on Katrina’s younger sister love and affection simply kicked her out. The producer name is not known yet but soon that will also come out in the market.

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This surely makes perfect sense to me!!

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