Monday, August 29, 2011

Shakira Up Skirt by an audience member

There are rumours surrounding the sizzling singer Shakira. We know that she is not into showing her body nude but things do happen who are the most cautious of all. She had an up skirt at a stage performance recently. She was wearing a sexy white skirt. She had no idea that she would have an up skirt from the wind and she was right as it did not come because of the wind.

Shakira up skirt came due to an audience member who came on the stage by sneaking the guards and did the up skirt. He came from the behind while she was performing and took her skirt in his hands and did the up skirt. Shakira turned around and the whole world could see her sexy white tight ass.

It felt like that she was completely naked. Everyone could see her curves and awesome ass. The skirt was long and tight and her curvy ass was visible from it but the audience member a guy when the up skirted the skirt also torn off. Everyone there enjoyed it and thousands took the pictures and video.

Shakira was very upset. She did not stop singing but ordered the authority to check every individual mobile phone, camera or video cameras for the pictures and the video before they are asked to leave. It was a heavy task so authority refused to do it. Now, Shakira is very worried if the video or pictures come on internet.

The rumours say that they have seen the pictures and video but they are being destroyed on internet because Shakira has asked an internet company who is taking legal action against such claim.

Lets see when her stager performance up skirt pictures and video become official drama for the media.

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