Monday, August 29, 2011

Taylor Swift t-shirt malfunction photos

There are rumours that Taylor Swift recently at a local market of Los Angles town had a t-shirt malfunction. Well, either an intentional or unintentional it was a malfunction after all. Perhaps stars do these things to get media hype and get more famous. Maybe it was unintentional but i have serious doubts that it was.

She was roaming around the markets when people realized that she is Taylor Swift. Well many celebrities are seen in Los Angles markets but Taylor Swift was the eye of the hour because she had nipple poke through her t-shirt. She was roaming with ease as nothing had happened.

The way she was roaming it was like that it was pre-planned. I think she did it on purposely as she had the idea that people are always hustling and bustling at that time of the day and they would take pictures or even make video. That is what rumours have told that pictures were taken and also videos were made.

The rumours say that she was wearing white t-shirt and the nipple poke was so visible that almost everything was clear to the public. Some even took auto graph from her and also made picture with her and she did not mind it at all and just gave them smiles. Something fishy is going on as to expect such gesture from Taylor Swift is really strange. She is still young and has not shown her naked body to the world but to do such thing is really strange.

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