Monday, August 29, 2011

Rihanna to play Villain

Rihanna finally agreed to play a part in upcoming movie. This is first time for Rihanna to have a proper role in a movie. She was refusing to do as her focus was just music and nothing else. But now she was approached by a local producer who was making a Sci-Fi thriller and he wanted Rihanna to act in it.

She has been offered a villain role in the movie. Well strange on Rihanna’s behalf to work in her first movie as a villain. Rihanna has not yet disclosed the deal but soon she will. She is also going to sing the sound track of the movie and currently has started working on it. She is also working out as its a Sci-Fi thriller based on a novel. She is going to a local gym and is getting personal training.

Rihanna believes that any role is good as long as there is a margin for performance and she believes that this role will suit. This is what she said to her close friends who have revealed this to the media. Rihanna co-stars are not known yet but some are saying that for the first time Ben Stiller is going to play an action hero.

Ben Stiller hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Well its Hollywood anything is possible. The worst action players do become hero in it. Its not confirmed but rumours are saying that Ben Stiller is working out day and night to make a strong body and to look fit for the movie. Lets see how Rihanna and Ben Stiller both work out in the movie as its strange role for both of them.

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