Monday, August 29, 2011

Angelina Jolie lizard accident

There are rumours that Angelina Jolie has a phobia. This phobia relates to crawling animals and insects. She is scared of lizards at very high level. She can jump from buildings, kill huge size enemy and fight any extreme alien as well but she cannot kill a simple house hold lizard.

This was revealed when she gone for an African tour by the Unicef recently. Angelina Jolie is working as a ambassador for UNICEF. She is working with them for many years now. She was in Pakistan in 2010 and met the Pakistani authorities especially the Prime Minister and President of Pakistan.

Well she was working there for human growth development in a good societal way where she was caught an incident. She was in a tent looking at the orphans, poor and the needy where a local household lizard fell over her and she screamed like hell. At first she thought it was nothing but when lizard fell down from her she just started up and down.

All the kids and other people there started laughing. Angelina Jolie too later on laughed at the incident. There she claimed that she has a phobia with such animals and insects and cannot stand them at all. Angelina is a bold actress and has done many bold movies but this incident shows that she is still a normal person at normal situations.

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