Monday, June 13, 2011

Tyra Banks fights Gisele Bundchen

There are rumours that Tyra Banks had a fight with her colleague Gisele Bundchen. They both came to a common friend’s party.  The party was going smoothly when Tyra Banks got drunk and she started abusing her colleagues. The friends tried to stop her but she refused to stay quiet.

One by one everyone was getting battered by her. Finally, she turned to Gisele the famous model. Tyra Banks no doubt is also a famous model but Gisele is dam rich and famous as well. Tyra Banks used swear words and using middle finger for her.

At first Gisele was quiet and refused to even comment on her bad behaviour. But finally she also burst out and both had a big quarrel. When quarrel was not working for both of them then finally Tyra Banks took the first step and slapped Gisele. Gisele in return punched her on face. At the moment media is trying to get their hands on the video. As it was a private party there are chances that some people there would have made a video or taken pictures.

Currently the celebrities when contacted refused to say anything or comment. They both said in an unofficial statement that these are just rumours and nothing is true. At the moment none of them are coming into public. The rumours are that they both had punched each other faces so that is why they have bruises on their faces and bodies.

Gisele never had such incidents before and neither Tyra but Tyra jealousy towards Gisele made this incident in the first place. Lets hope its just a rumour and nothing true about it. Otherwise a lot problem might occur for both the celebrities and especially Tyra Banks.
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Anonymous said...

this is complete bull. tyra rarely goes to parties and she does NOT drink alcohol. nor is she jealous of giselle.

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