Monday, June 13, 2011

Danica Patrick Love Accident

Danice Patrick the Indy car racer has some feelings for someone. Her adrenalin rush for that person is making her heart beat go more fast than the speed of her car. The rumors say that they both had known each other just as friends but now this friendship is turning into a relationship. They both met each other at a party and from there , their friendship had started.

Well, who is this guy? Someone we know or a new person.  He is known to many and he is Gerard Butler. The awesome hero of 300 movie is seen with Danica. They both are in love and want to get down to the business.  The rumors say that they want to get married soon. Gerard Butler is the famous Greek Hero in the movie 300 has shown his class in acting.

Gerard had relationships earlier as well with other Hollywood celebrities but now with Danica he is serious. Media personal had contacted both of them but they both denied such relationship. Gerard said that she is a very good friend of mine and an asset to the US Indy car arena and a Goddess of racing to the world. Everyone loves her so as a fan she is admirable.

Danica on the other hand had answered in a different way.  She said that she is happy. Well, yes that’s all she said, Happy. I guess this means something. There is something happening between them.  Gerard at the moment is working on his upcoming action thriller and Danica Patrick is getting ready to perform in Indy car season.
Lets see how these two great super stars perform in their real lives.

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Danica Patrick racing for playboy

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