Monday, June 13, 2011

Mallika Sherawat Indian Barbie doll

There are rumours that an Indian toy manufacturer  is joining hands with Mallika Sherwat. The toy make believes that she is a very beautiful lady and has a beautiful face structure and undoubtedly has one of the best figures in Indian Cinema. The meetings are taking place to finalize the deal. The deal rules has not be disclosed yet to the general public.

The toy maker wants to launch a doll like Barbie with Mallika Sherwat’s beautiful face, sexy body , lovely hair and sexy tan toned skin. The toy maker believes she can make a perfect Barbie doll. If she agrees to the deal she will be the first to have her own doll by her name and her physical structure in Indian cinema. She is gorgeous and has all the wonders of a doll.

Even Mallika Sherawat has not yet confirmed to the media about this deal or meetings. She said to a reporter that, “I’m happy that the toy manufacturer considers a beautiful piece of art and a Barbie doll but nothing is finalized as yet”. The toy maker is very keen and trying to get the deal made. The toy maker has made a very good offer to her. The rumours say its almost 10 crore worth deal to sexy Mallika Sherawat.

Lets see what happens eventually as Mallika Sherawat is busy in the post production of her upcoming movie Hot Shots which will be the next sexy wonder of Indian Cinema. There are sources that say it will create havoc if a doll is made of her. The reason is that she is doing bold scenes in movies and public appearances. And she is not portraying a good role model for young girls. So extremists in India might oppose this deal as they already oppose Mallika Sherawat in many cities of India.

The sensual Mallika Sherawat as ever before never cared for such things in the past and most probably it will not bother her now as well. She is determined to do what she wants to do and she will do it by all means. Lets see when her movie and especially her beautiful sexy doll figure comes out in the market.
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