Monday, June 13, 2011

Miranda Kerr opens her modelling agency

Miranda Kerr the famous Australian model is coming up with new assignment in the model world. Miranda Kerr wife of Orlando Bloom is working on this project for a long time and now its finally coming out. Well the rumours say that she is going to start her online modelling agency. This online modelling agency will cater to the world not just USA.

Its said that she is being supported by her husband. She is already famous for modelling and now wants to be known as entrepreneur as well.  Her modelling agency will help those who have the looks but do not have the money and training to be a model. This is a unique modelling agency whose main purpose is to provide services online to the models and teenagers, youngsters and others.

Miranda Kerr says that she will provide free services to the youngsters. She does not want any money from them. She will train them and then will get those contracts and from those contracts she will earn the money. Miranda Kerr is still young and a model and she will not stop it till its over and at the moment its not over at the moment.

Miranda Kerr also said that this would not have been possible without the support of her friends and family and especially her hubby Orlando. She said that Orlando never stopped her from achieving her dreams. Orlando is busy in his career and loves his wife a lot. They have a lovely baby boy as well and they are enjoying their married life.

Lets hope that Miranda Kerr opens up this modelling agency really soon.
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