Monday, June 13, 2011

Miranda Kerr Breast Transplant

There are rumours about the beautiful Miranda Kerr. She is wife of Orlando Bloom and also a famous model is planning to have breast transplant. She already has a good figure but i guess she wants more. Actually its not she wants actually infact its the money that is demanding from her. Yes, its because of the money.

Miranda Kerr has been offered to work in a movie as stripper. So in the movie her agent asks her to have breast transplants and make them as big as she can to make a lot of money. She is beautiful but customers demand something else than beauty. So in the movie she has to get a breast transplant so that she can make more money as a stripper.

Before she could be a stripper Miranda kerr will become a prostitute in order to make money for breast transplant. Well what a story. Well this is same old boring story but there is a twist to it. Does she really gets the breast transplant or not. Well actually she does not. One of her client a surgeon who is a cosmetic surgeon by chance falls in love with her for good. And she too falls in love. So if they both are in love then whats the movie ending.

Its her agent who earns a lot of money from her prostitute character. He does not want her to quit. So here is the twist the agent becomes the villan and tries to destroy her life. But at the end she wins the war and dies. Yes, the rumours say at the end she dies with her love. A sad love action story but with a meaning that love changes everything and money is the least important factor in life.

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