Monday, June 13, 2011

Katherine Heigl Wardrobe Malfunction again

This pretty lady is never out of media. She is always there by chance or by her own sheer work. This time it was purely chance that she got extreme attention of the world media. She was at the award ceremony when wardrobe malfunction happen. Well, i am talking about one and only Katherine Heighl.

This big sexy blonde a super bomb shell is always the star for the media. Sometimes she becomes super naughty and sometimes not even bothers to show anything.  This time she did not need to show anything. It just happened. Katherine Heigl had a boob slip at the award ceremony. Her red dress was making her look so pretty.

But this red dress became the devil as well. She could not believe it that it could happen. She came to the dice to give away the award when her left boob slipped out because the dress became loose and the strap came off. Well the whole world simply enjoyed this charismatic boob show. She has never shown her body nude in movies on assignments.

Well in this ceremony her goodies were all over and people and the media and other stars enjoyed it. Well Katherine Heigl was intelligent enough and did not lose her calm. She quickly responded to it and behaved like nothing had ever happend. Hurray for such a performance to her fans and the media. She is beautiful and above very hot.
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