Monday, June 13, 2011

Kelly Brook new james Bond girl

Kelly Brook the awesome actress cum model has been asked to work in action pack movie. Well which movie that is the question we need to know. There are rumours that she is has been offered to work in next James Bond movie. These rumours are surrounding the entertainment industry.  She is British and she very well understands the concept of James Bond.

When media contacted her she refused to say anything about it. She said i do not want to say anything which is not true. She showed attitude to the media. From this behaviour it shows that something fishy is going on. As she has said a complete no no is creating some doubts in the minds of the media world.

The reporters do not believe that she is hiding it. Even the James bond director and producer are also hiding this news from the world. But rumours give sign towards Kelly Brook. Kelly Brook has been seen in gym regularly. Before this rumour she was not going to the gym and not even to the swimming.

But now a day she is regularly going to the gym for some action. And also there are rumours that she is taking some fighting classes from a trained martial arts teacher. Kelly Brook is known for her sexual and bold modelling assignments and now she going to work in james bond movie as a james bong girl is a big news.
Lets see what happens when this rumours becomes true.

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