Monday, June 13, 2011

Bar Refaeli next item girl in an Indian movie

There are rumors about this Jewish model Bar Refaeli. She is known for her famous modelling assignments and fearless show off. She was 15 when she started off her modelling career. She was young and naive.  Well she got more famous for her relationship with Leonardo Decaprio.  Well the latest rumors that she is offered to work in and Indian movie.

Bar Refaeli is very pretty and perfect for an item song. She has done some guest appearances but not a full time movie. Even now this time she has been asked to work in an Indian movie but as an item number.  She has not yet confirmed about to the media bout these rumors. She has increased weight over the years but still the Indian producer who approached her says that she is still perfect and very beautiful.

Lets see if these are just rumors or really a big news. Previously there had been rumors for an item number song to other Hollywood actresses but no one accepted it. Will she also accept it? There are rumors that she is offered a handsome amount of money. Some say that its almost 3$ million. Well, just for an item song this is a huge amount. Will this item song a simple one or it will contain some form of nudity.

There are rumors related to this that she is going to go semi nude in this item song. She will wear traditional clothes but those clothes will be very revealing. Bar Refaeli at the moment is not in any relationship. She is free and is looking for fame from all around the world.  Lets see if she accepts this offer and makes it real.

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