Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Katherine Heigl double trouble in life

There are rumors that Katherine Heigl is have problems with her relationship. She is engaged and about to get married but its said that there is another guy in her life who she adores. The identity of this person unknown at the moment and its not sure who he really is.

The rumors say that it might be her co-star Luke Perry. Luke Perry who is he. Well actually he is not his co-star infact her college mate. She always adored him and he is back in her life. Luke and Katherine Heigl used to date in college times.

At that time Luke was not a millionaire but now its said he is rich and can afford almost anything. Katherine Heigl on the other hand is denying such rumors. She is saying that Luke is her friend and she has invited him to the wedding as well.

But the rumors say he is there not to attend her wedding but to make his own wedding plan with Katherine. This is something really mind boggling.

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