Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chris Evans Naughty Hottie Body in Captain America makes him lose his hair

Chris Evans the captain America worked really hard to make an awesome body. From the movie trailors it shows that from the skinny boy he is now a complete man. He is hard, tuff and flexible now.

He worked day and night for the role of captain America. This movie is the first part of the series The Avengers. Hope more movies from this will be seen.

There is another news related to Chris Evans. No doubt he worked but on the way he lost something which he is not afraid to tell others. No. no he did not take any Steroids to get into shape. Its pure natural and obviously protein shakes were there.

What he said that he lost his hair because of tension and pressure he had. So he lost a lot of hair and he is still losing it .And he hopes that the movie turns out to be a big success only then his hair loss would stop.

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