Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alyssa Milano quits her marriage

There are rumors that Alyssa Milano is having marriage trouble. Alyssa a famous TV and film actress can not cope anymore with her husband David. The rumors say that they have a lot of fights and want to quit for good.

The actual reasons are unknown but there are some speculations about it. There is one saying that Alyssa career is coming to a standstill because of her husband. She is trying level best to take care of her career and also her home but her husband David is not letting it happen. He is interfering in her work and not supporting her at all.

Another reason is that David is seeing someone and Alyssa has caught him red handed. That is why wants a quit and want to stay from him for good. The girl identity is unknown but they are saying that its ex-girl friend Nicki Fabiano. Nicki Fabiano is half Portuguese and half American.

There is too less information available about Nicki. But at the moment it does not seems good for both of them. Alyssa has proven that she is good and she performs well in her work. I hope everything works out for them rather they say quit.

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