Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christina Hendricks plays in playboy

There are rumors that Christina  Hendricks is losing weight and trying to get in shape to play for playboy magazine. Its said that she has been offered good amount of money. She is going to be shoot in three stages.
First stage is of now as they want the world to see her in her exact weight what she has now. She is at the moment over weight but her vital statistics for many are extremely awesome. Some say she looks like a goddess.

The second stage is the one where she has lost her weight and is again open to the outside world. In the third stage she will be not alone. Some young male model is going to be part of this shoot. The rumors say that Christina is happy about this approach from playboy and says its a good thing to do something different.

For Christina  Hendricks going nude for playboy is different and she says that her fans will love her and in fact her fan following will go beyond limit after the shoots are out in the market. Christina Hendricks has done movies and is also married and has kids. Her husband does not mind with her decision and is fully supporting her.

Lets hope later on nothing goes wrong between them as if does i guess no one is there to be blamed for.
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