Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker quits “The Sex & the City”

There are rumors that Sarah Jessica Parker is quitting the famous TV series the sex and the city. Its said that she is sick and tired of same old routine. She knows that its going to be a setback for the fans but she said that needs a break from it.

Actually the sources say its the disturbed relationship she is having with her new guy. Yes, the new guy. His identity is unknown but its said that he too is a famous celebrity. Sarah Jessica Parker wants complete time and attention from him but due to work issues he could not. 

She is married to Mathew but there are rumors that Sarah is seeing some other guy and she is deeply in love with him. Mathew Broderick is not showing any signs of discouragement or grudge over this. He is playing cool like nothing has happened.

This thing has made Sarah Jessica Parker annoying and has planned to quit the TV series. The producer and director are trying to convince her. Already another 20 episodes are recorded in advance but for the next 20 she has refused to work.
Even if the management of the sex and the city agree to Sarah still they cannot find an alternative for her. As what she was playing is now liked by millions around the world. Sarah Jessica Parkers only fans now can convince her said by the producer.
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