Wednesday, June 8, 2011

shia labeouf says bye bye to Megan fox

There are rumors that Shia Labeouf has quitted on Megan. Basically she has been dumped by Shia as he is more on the top of this game than Megan is. Megan Fox was showing attitude to Shia and Shia knew that he is at the highest level of his work and he can have more Megan Foxes. So he needed to concentrate on his world so he said bye bye to Megan Fox.

Its is said that After Megan was dumped from the transformers 2 she has suffered a lot of stress and tension. She wanted Shia to court her all the way. Shia was enjoying it till he realized that she was getting on his nerves.

Even though Megan Fox is working on other good projects like the Wonder Woman, still Shia’s feeling for her have slowly diminished. Maybe there is someone else in his life which he is not revealing yet to the world.

Loving someone and liking someone is a good feeling but when someone takes advantage of you then one has to draw a line. That’s what Shia did to Megan Fox. The rumors say that he has told Megan that they are friends but no more personal relationship.

Megan when contacted by media personal she refused to comment on it and infact she abused the media people. This shows that something has happened and perhaps Shia Labeouf has dumped her for good.
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