Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lady Gaga got married to Luc Carl


There are rumors that Lady Gaga married her boyfriend Luc Carl in Los Angles, California this month 2011. These wordings came out from a close friend of Luc Carl. Luc Carl a manager, DJ artist at his club got drunk and revealed this to his friends that recently they got married are happy about it. He said that the media does not anything about it and they are keeping it a secret as long as they can.

Lady Gaga married to her boyfriend is a big news. She has been seen on dates and at parties with Luc Carl a lot of time but now suddenly this news that she got married to him is more bigger. Not too many know about Luc Carl as to who he is. But hey it does not matter as its Lady Gaga who knows who he is.

Actually they both met in Los Angles for solely this purpose. It was held at their friends home. After the marriage was performed they had a little party where only close friends were invited. Luc Carl and Lady Gaga's family were not present there. Luc Carl's blunder has made this news a big news.

When media personal contacted both of them and asked about the rumors, they both denied it and said they are just rumors. They both said the same story that they are in love and are enjoying it and if we want to get married then there is nothign to hide from the world but at the moment there is nothing going on of that sort. They also said that they are together and feel good around each other.

The question is both of them had the same story to tell to the media which means something fishy is going on and this shows that Lady Gaga is hiding something from the media. Well still i wish her congrats for the marriage with Luc Carl.

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Ashley R said...

This article can't be trusted and is most likely fake. It says Gaga spoke to media about their relationship, Gaga NEVER speaks about her relationships, she always changes the subject when asked.

The Cypher Code said...

It says that they are rumors. Rumors can be true and can be not. Enjoy.

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