Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Akon loves Taylor Swift


There are rumors that the singer Akon  is seen together these days with another young singer Taylor Swift. They both have been seen at private parties and at dinners. Akon known throughout the world is work at the moment in Los Angles for his new album. There are rumors that he had asked Taylor Swift to work with him which she had accepted it. Now they have recorded the song and soon it will be released world wide.

But there story did not end there. Akon is going crazy for the beauty of Taylor Swift and has offered her more than she could imagine. Some say marriage and some say engagement ring. Well love so quickly. Actually they have met each before but not that they were in love at that time.

But now Akon is the won is going crazy for her and is after Taylor. Even though Taylor Swift has not shown great attentions to get married to him but its said that she also likes him and they might get together for a while. Taylor Swift the music sensation has proven that she is a great singer and can perform singing at any level.

Akon and Taylor Swift Duo will out come out but there love duo for long stays quiet is yet to be seen. As when media asked them about this rumor they both said that its just a rumor and we are just good friends. If we were seen at parties together that does not mean that we are in love.

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