Friday, April 1, 2011

Ryan Reynolds Accident


There are rumours that Ryan Reynolds had an accident with his fan. It was not a car accident but a surprise party for the actor. Ryan respects his fans and loves them. He knows that without fan he is nothing that is why he has a close connection with his fans on facebook and twitter accounts.  One of his loving fan invited him to his house to meet him and his family.

Ryan Reynolds did not know that his fan has thrown a special just for him. When he reached it he found that his loving fan gave him a special party. There were some other celebrities as well related to Ryan.
At the party no media personal were invited. Its said that pictures were taken and videos were made. Ryan also did dance and had a karaoke night as well. He sung some good songs said by rumours. Ryan has come a long way and from a bubbly face look he has now become a macho man or at least trying to be.

Ryan was happy about this lovely accident and enjoying it a lot. Ryan fans simply adore his sweet personality. Rumours say Ryan will remember this accident all his life and said that he will not let the pictures or video out to the outside world.

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