Friday, April 1, 2011

Julia Roberts weight loss


There are rumours that Julia Roberts is having a secret illness. There are rumours she is suffering from Parkinson’s first stage disease. Another Hollywood celebrity Michael J. Fox is also suffering from this time of disease. He has coped with this disease very beautiful and has not given up on anything in his life.

He is running his own NGO related to Parkinson disease and is helping those who cannot help themselves. Julia Roberts famous Hollywood celebrity is said to be on the first stage of this. Recently a film Love, Sex and Drugs had a character in this movie which was played by Anne Hathaway. She made a blunder by working in this movie as its was more of physical scenes then form of actual act.

Anne Hathaway was suffering from Parkinson disease and she was at the early age. She tried to quit her love and also her life but her lover did not let her do so. Same way Michael J. Fox the back to the future fame actor simply outstands when it comes to Parkinson.

Julia Roberts hope that its just a rumour. Its been ages that she gave any public appearance and media personal are now worried what if its true. They want to get more about this and are trying to get more information from the actress itself. But Julia Roberts is refusing to give any comments or any statement about it.

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