Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jessica Alba revealing her skin


Jessica Alba is going to have herself photoshoot in pregnancy for W magazine. Recently the W magazine got sizzling sensation from Kim Kardashian nude photoshoot. This time there are going to get hands on Jessica Alba. She is already expecting her second child.

The rumors say W magazine is going to pay her very good sum of money in order to get their hands on her pregnancy shoot. The rumors say that Jessica has agreed to it after consulting it with her husband. She says the world has seen her before so why not make money out of it.

Its said that in the 6th month of pregnancy she will have photoshoot with W magazine. The amount of money has been disclosed but some say its said to be near 20 Million Dollars. Well its way below compared to what Ashwarya Rai has been offered. She has been offered 100 Million US dollars. Still 20 Million is a big amount.

Anyways good luck Jessica as long as you are making money and you are in lime light you rock.

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