Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lindsay Lohan got "A.I.D.S"


There are rumors that Lindsay Lohan got AIDS virus. Actually this rumor is related to her new upcoming movie that relates to AIDS. She is been offered this role. The rumors say that she is perfect for this role and the director of the movie only wants Lindsay to work in this movie otherwise he will not make it.

This is something really unique for a celebrity who has not shown her complete skin to the world. Its said that this movie will be very revealing for Lindsay Lohan. She is offered a good role with a lot of money as well. As she is an AIDS patient so there will be some physical scenes before becomes an AIDS patient. The male celebrity has been kept secret but many say it might be Brad Pitt for the first time with Lindsay.

Lindsay close friends say that she has accepted the movie and has started work on the role by herself. She said that this movie will take her to the next level and will put her in the league of good actors. She knows that for the first time she is going to have extremely hot physical scenes and will reveal her skin as well but says that its part of the movie and the role demands it.

Lindsay Lohan finally revealing her skin right before she gets AIDS. An awesome treat for her fans and something new news heard about her rather then this "Lindsay in Rehab"again. LOL.

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