Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Aishwariya Rai offered 100 Million US $


Aishwariya Rai has been offered 100 Million $ to be a part of playboy magazine. Aishwariya Rai the Miss world , then leading actress of Indian cinema and now being a part of a prestigious Bachan family. At the moment its said that the total worth of Bachan family is 700 crore Rupees. Now Aishwariya Rai offered 50M US dollars to work is something really unique. She is known throughout the world not just because of her acting but more known for her beauty and elegance.

Approximately 100 Million US dollars in Indian Rupees turn out to be more than 5 billion Rupees. This is really huge. I mean playboy has never before offered such a contract and that to an Indian actress. Aishwariya Rai at the moment has'nt said anything about this rumor. But there are many who are saying that she should go for it as she is one the most beautiful ladies in the world. Millions of people love and i am sure her this step would really make those millions fans happy.

There will be three stages of this contract as heard by the rumors. First stage she will show her skin by complete. Nothing will be hidden in this stage. Wow. All the way down and around. Then in the next stage she will have a photoshoot where she will be naked but with pregnancy. This is what many famous hollywood celebrities have done before. At the moment there are rumors that Aishwariya is pregnant with twins. So perhaps the contract is already made before its too late.

In the third stage she will be revealing again but this time she will be her hubby that is Abhishek Bachan. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm will the bachan family allow this to their daughter in law. Will Abhishek Bachan allow this to happen. I mean the money is extremely good. Really big amount never been offered to anyone.

Hurray to Aishwariya Rai for getting the offer and now its a wait time when it becomes official.

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Anonymous said...

waiting for this to happen.
or if we are lucky, the deal might be already over and all photo shoots were taken, then Aishwarya rai will be playmate of the year 2011 :)

after this this we can expect a porn movie in Bluray?

Anonymous said...

wow that sounds great. I hope she will go for it and make her private assets available to public.

she should have done this long before.waiting this to happen before her beauty vanishes.

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