Monday, February 14, 2011

American Commando Raymond Davis is freed eventually


Its a sure shot thing now that government of Pakistan is going to release raymond davis. It was clear before but today in the press conference by fozia wahab, she confirmed that raymond davis is a part of the american embassy and he has the right to leave pakistan without any charges against him.

This is shocking for pakistani's. But i guess america does not realise that a war will rage against americans and most probably revolution might start. Untill unless american has already planned for the revolution. Well the complete story is that raymond davis and his another colleague according to them were followed by two guys on a bike. When they realize that guys on the bike are about to attack they opened fire. Well yes there were two guys. And the guy most probably who killed the biker boys was fleed by another car. That car came to them one way and on the way killed an innocent young guy. 

Well the thing is that veinna convention rules have to change. its like any embassy person can kill anyone then easily move on without any charges. What if raymond davis or any other person like him who is a part of the embassy kills some higher authorties, even then he would get such facilities. I guess not. Why its always the poor guy who suffers.

Its a testing time for the nation of pakistan. If they are really united they will come to the roads and will not let raymond davis go away. And even if government by any chance did let him go then a turmoil will start that may result in the destruction of the government.

Only time will tell.

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