Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beyonce Knowles is Pregnant


Rumors say that Beyonce Knowles is pregnant. Wow that is shocking. Well its not confirmed who is the father but rumors are becoming true. From the past few months Beyonce Knowles has not given as such public appearences. Because of this the rumor becomes true.

Anyways there are more speculations that Beyonce Knowles is going to given birth to a baby girl. Beyonce Knowles doctor is in hollywood and he revealed that its a daughter and he also said that she specifically wanted a daughter as a child.

Beyonce Knowles career would be at stake or she will come back with a bang. Beyonce Knowles when contacted about such rumors denied everything and said this is not true and please stop talking about something which is not true.

Some say the father is P Diddy and some say that Usher is the possible suspect. I guess only time reveal the truth.

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