Friday, February 18, 2011

Kate Bosworth hates Superman


Kate Bosworth says that she does not like superman comics. She said yes she is more happy with the film in which she has worked and will work in the future but as a comic reader she despises the comic as she is more into batman and spiderman as her favorites.

The director and producer of super returns do not like her comment. As they are filming for the second sequel which is to be released next year. They say that being a part of super is an honor. They know that they will die but the legacy of superman will never. So her comments have made them unhappy.

The rumors say that they might kick her out of the third sequel but they cannot do so from the second one as half of the film is already completed. They have asked Kate Bosworth to say sorry to them and also the fans of superman who adore him.

Kate Bosworth on the other hand said that her comment is misunderstood. She said that she likes superman in real. She says her imagination power is not that strong that she could indulge in a comic that is working as part of the movie is more fun.

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