Saturday, February 19, 2011

A.S.A.D - Astrological Systems on Applied Data

A.S.A.D (Astrological systems on applied data) is a new term will be used in future for research and statistical analysis and forecasting. Its a system developed by me that will help companies and organizations to take better decision and in many cases will tell them about the future.

The A.S.A.D works by looking at the star system related to a particular product, service or even human person.
This theory has been checked and it has worked. This theory was basically developed by me for the cricket world cup 2011.

I wanted to make a system that would work and would provide if not 100% but at least 60 - 80% accurate information. This is what the system will do and will provide to its users. The secrets how it works will not be revealed as yet. Another applied implementation will be performed during the world cup. After the completion of it will be made public for individuals and organizations to buy.

I have shown this theory in the form of a software to different software companies and they are interested in buying it. But i am making the final implementation of it. This final implmentation will definitely will make the software A.S.A.D number in prediction and forecasting and will also increase its price.

A.S.A.D software will provide forecasting on agriculture, sales and other commodity products. A.S.A.D by many analysts as a revolutionary software. As it predicts future forecasting so many organizations, infact countries as well can use it. Its based on astrological system which exists and millions of poeple throughout the world believe on them. Its purpose is to provide as much possible close to accurate information.

I am hoping that it will be one of the best softwares with real data application on the basis of astrological systems.

The cricket match predictions will be placed on my blog. The predictions of every single match will be displayed. Follow them and see it yourself.

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