Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Crazy about Amir


Jennifer Lopez recently met Amir Khan the bollywood actor at hollywood. Amir khan and jennifer lopez are planning to work on a movie and this movie will be Amir's first hollywood act and J Lo's first in bollywood. Both are happy about it. But J Lo just does not want bollywood act, she also wants amir in her life.

She is extremely impressed by his personality and charisma. She said that she watched Gajini just because of him and since then she is great fan of his. She says that she wants amir to be a special part of it. J Lo wants amir to accompany her on her vacations to new zealand this year.

On the other hand amir khan is denying such rumors that there is anything between them. They are good co-workers and thats it. Nothing is happening and nothing will happen between them. Well, well, well. Only time will tell who is on the top of who.

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Anonymous said...

Which came first? chicken or the egg

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