Thursday, February 17, 2011

Camilla Belle Back with Joe Jonas (The Jonas Brothers)


Camilla Belle is spotted with Jonas brothers. Yes. They both had seperated but they have been spotted together at a dinner. It is said that they are into a relationship again. Taylor Swift who is after Joe Jonas denies such rumors. And says that Joe is completely honest with me and all these rumors have no true facts.

Where as when the media approached Joe he also denied. He said that yes they had a relationship previously but now they are just good colleagues not even friends. When it was asked from Camilla Belle she said no comments. 

No comments means that there is something going. The media guys also told that she has a resemble with Katrina Kaif indian actress. She and Katrina resemble each other a lot especially the eyes and smile.

But the question remains there, that are they really back on the track. Camilla Belle has'nt forgotten Joe and neiter Joe did. What rumors are going on it could be true.
Only time will.

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