Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kelly Brook back in "Italian Job 2"


Its was said that italian job was considered as top notch movie. Well look at movie lovers the italian job 2 is back. Almost the same cast with matt damon, jason statham and kelly brook. This time kelly brook has more seductive role with action scenes as well.

Its heard that she will be playing the role of a villan who is dangerous but loves guys. As her role is seductive so she will be filming some hot scenes. Question will it be matt damon or jason statham in those hot scenes is not decided yet.

There are other rumors that kelly brook might play the role with a new actor not known to the cinema world. Kelly is very eager and looking forward to this role. She says she is on the back foot for a while and this movie will give her the boost she needs. The competition is very tough these days and survival is all about. She wanted something new in her life and she got it back in the role of a villan in italian job 2.

Kelly brook's other movie burn off is also in pre production. But sources say that she is more charmed about italian job 2.

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