Saturday, February 19, 2011

A.S.A.D - Astrological Systems on Applied Data - India Wins against Bangladesh

1st Match, Group B

From 13:30 / 19.02.11
Shere Bangla National Stadium Dhaka,Bangladesh
Bangladesh Bangladesh
India            India 

According to statistics India will win but according to astrology Bangladesh will rock the cricket world. But when astrology is applied on the actual data the story changes completely. When astrological systems on applied data is used it shows that India will win easily.

Bangladesh will lose the today's match comprehensively. Bangladesh players will try their level best but it will be to no avail. Yes, the generic view is that India will win but the astrology sometimes changes everything for a player, a team and a country.

So we cannot deny it existence. India will have his glory today and no doubts from the A.S.A.D software application India is a definite winner.

According to A.S.A.D Munaf Patel and Zaheer Khan will perform well in bowling and also Yuvraj and Harbhajan will play an important part and will take wickets.

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A.S.A.D - Astrological Systems on Applied Data

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