Monday, March 7, 2011

Megan Fox loves other female bodies


Megan Fox is Bi-sexual. This was revealed by her first boyfriend. He said that she loves to look at womans body curiously. Well if she was a normal girl she would simply criticize it but she adores them. She is into girl friend relationship.
He also revealed that she is seeing a lady from her home town. That lady is her old time school friend. And some say they both have something between them. Megan fox when approached by the media she refused such allegations and said that i am not a bi neither a lesbian.

My first boyfriend is stupid and that is why i dumped him. As i am no more with him that is why for a little publicity he is giving such remarks. Well rumors say that now a days she is seen with a lady. Is that lady her friend or girlfriend. Only time will tell us who she really is. Still one thing is for sure either lesbian or not shs is gorgeous, pretty and stylish and also arrogant.

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