Monday, March 7, 2011

Ali Azmat's New Song: Josh-e-Junoon

After a very long time I came across song that represented the jazba, junoon and ishq for Pakistan. Well it cannot be compared with the song Jazba Junoon but it has an awesome feeling and definitely brings on the goose bumps. I love the song and salute to Bakeri Biscuits by LU for sponsoring and awesome song and also choosing the right singer for the song which is "Ali Azmat".

Only him can sing such a song called Josh-e-Junoon. i love it and i also have started believing it that together we can do anything. And at the moment pakistani cricket team is united and we all hope that we do win the cricket world cup 2011.

Josh-E-Junoon an awesome and and some thrill for me, for pakistani cricket team and infact for the whole of Pakistan. Lets pray we win and this josh-e-junoon carries on forever in our blood.

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