Monday, March 7, 2011

Dubai to open its first gambling casinos in year 2011


Dubai to open its first gambling den this year 2011. Dubai authorities say that they have tourism and they have all the other facitilies for their tourists but something was missing and that was gambling. We already have race and other type of official gambling but never had a casino.

Finally this year two casinos will be opened. The companies are USA based from las vegas. The USA companies say that there is a lot of demand in middle east especially dubai. So opening up the two casinos would gives us a good boost in our profits.

Now a days best tourist country is that which provides all the goods to their tourists and when the gambling casinos will be opened they will give an extra edge to the dubai economy. They company said billions of dollars will be spend in dubai in gambling. Dubai already famous for its tourism so i am sure casinos will make it more interesting.

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