Monday, March 7, 2011

England matches in cricket world cup 2011 are fixed


There are rumors about the England cricket team matches in the cricket world cup 2011. its said that there matches are fixed. Like Shane warne ex-cricketer of Australia predicted that the match will be a draw and it was. It looks like its the international sources who are involved in this thing but its always pakistan to be blamed.
Shane warne predicted it but ICC did not say anything about it as it was just a prediction. But if it was a pakistan match i am sure everyone would have said it was fixed. Well rumors are there england matches are also fixed. And Millions of dollars are involved in it.

Whereas i am sure england cricket team and ECB would deny it but fact remains there why england is having so many close encounters. As we know they are playing on dead pitches but still having close encounters. Something is fishy but i guess its not an asian country specially its not pakistan so no way any allegation would be put on them.

Hurray to Mr. Haroon Logaart and ICC for being discriminators as usual.

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