Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan to show it all


Lindsay Lohan wants to break all the rules and regulation of her personality and let the world see the things which she was hiding before. The recent drinking habit and community work has made lindsay lohan realized that she needs to get back on track and forget what happened in the past. Her last few years have made her career go down. Now she wants to concentrate on her career. Like she is doing it by singing a song with Justin Bieber.

Anyways the main rumor is that she is going all the way. She is finally going to get nude for her fans and also let her personality and body out. She is going to play naked for playboy magazine very soon. The rumors say that she has signed the contract with them and very soon she will be seen. Lindsay Lohan in her movies and photoshoots has not gone nude at all, basically she has done semi nude shoots. Now she wants to go all nude. Even in the machette movie lindsay lohan was not complete nude and infact a stunt double was used to show her nudity.

But now lindsay lohan has decided that she will show her skin to the world. She is sick and tired of media trying to get her nude photos and also sick and tired of fake photos on the net. Now she is getting the price for showing and she is.

So lindsay lohan fans wait and watch for something extravaganza to be revealed to the whole world. I am sure her fans will go crazy and her popularity graph will definitely go up after this. Hurray for Lindsay Lohan. And also lets hope her frackles do not appear on her body. I guess the make up and adobe photoshop will make the difference.

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