Sunday, March 6, 2011

Katrina Kaif back fires on indian media


katrina kaif is sick and tired of the rumors surrounding her about her marriage with ranbir kapoor. She says that she wants to get out of this thing. She is asking her media friends to help her out. ranbir kapoor is also angry at the media for spreading such rumors. Ranbir says that she is a very good colleague but we have nothing between us. She is pretty and cute as well and a jolly person but we do not have love thing in common.
Katrina is all set to gather her friends, co - stars to start a campaign against the media with the help of her media friends. So a war between media might start. She says she is all stressed out and could not sleep at nights. She is not able to work well with such rumors. She has said in newspapers and tv a lot of times that i am not getting married yet.

I still have movie career to carry on. Its going good and i cannot think of marriage at the moment. And getting married to is no chance. No hard feelings for ranbir he is a very good friend of mine but we do not like each other in that way.

Katrina's campaign against the media with the help of media will not help her as indian media is very strong and dam sure will make katrina suffer more for their TRP's.

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