Monday, January 31, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe going crazy for her.......

It is confirmed that Daniel Radcliffe is going to break up with his girl friend olive. Last year there were reports that he would marry his girl friend at the age of 25 and would never let her go at any cost. But now its said that he has a big crush on Georgie Henley. Georgie Henley is the chronicles of narnia fame girl. She has worked in third sequel of the movie which again was a hit.

There are un confirmed reports that they both met a local party. Both looked happy and involved in each other. Daniel is 18 and Georgie Henley is just 15 at the momenet. Is yet to see if this becomes public by Daniel himself or not. Whereas when media approached both Daniel and Georgie they both denied these rumours and said that these are just rumours and one should not believe in them as there is no truth in it.

But paparazzi are working hard to get their shots as the rumors are to be true.  Olive on the other hand when asked she said that there is not truth in this report. Daniel is mine and will always be mine. Its just that we are not getting time to get togather as he is busy in his movies.

Lets see what happens next. If something comes up i will update it asap.

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