Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A guy standing in a line for boarding pass at the Luton International Airport, UK just forgets to............

This is about my friend. I still remember it and could not stop laughing. My friend came to England from Sweden and stayed with me and another comman friend. We showed him around. We went to see the Trafalgar sqaure, the art gallery, central london. Few days passed and it was time for him to go back to sweden for his studies.  He stayed there for a total of 4 days.

Earlier night we asked him that simply go to the airport by himself and do not bother us waking up as we are tired. So he decided to go on his on. He reached the airpot by taxi. Ya we know that we are not good friends at the moment but hey we were tired from party. Anyways he came to the airport and quickly saw the ticket line.

Here comes the funny part. He is waiting and waiting. 10 minutes pass. 20 minus pass. Half an hour is already gone. Now 45 minutes have passed and his turn comes up to get the boarding pass.

Now the Ticket lady at the counter says, "i am very sorry but you were in the wrong cue, your ticket counter is to the right. But sir the plane has already taken off".

Man, he came home and we were surprised at it. Finally he revealed us the whole story and we both could not stop laughing. hahhahahhahaha

My friend is double MA and he was so naive at that time that he forgot to ask in which line he has to get into. hahhahahhaa.

Whenever i remember it i just laugh and laugh and laugh.

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