Friday, June 3, 2011

Lindsay's Police Raid after Monitoring Bracelet went off

Lindsay Lohan is under house arrest because of theft conviction. She has to stay at home all day long and do whatever she can inside the house but cannot go outside till her sentenced is finished. But shocking thing happened few days back in this house arrest which even Lindsay was not aware of it.

There is a monitoring system that monitors the criminal and the criminal is not aware of the monitoring where it is installed. Well, same case happened with Lindsay. She knows that she is being monitored but how and where it is installed she is not aware of it.

Well she was at home when the monitoring system at her house went off. The police came in few minutes to check if the criminal that is Lindsay has left the house. Well the police came they found her watching TV and reading magazines.

The monitoring system at her house had triggered and because of that the police came to her house to check upon her. At the moment Lindsay Lohan is trying her level best to be a good girl and quickly get out of this theft conviction so that she can focus on her career.

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