Monday, May 30, 2011

Shahid Afridi retires from International Cricket

Shahid Khan Afridi captain of Pakistan one day cricket team has just retired from international cricket. This news came in on 30th may 2011 on a National Pakistani news channel. This is shocking for Pakistan cricket lovers and also for the fans of Shahid Khan Afridi. This is a huge news for the whole cricket arena.

Shahid Khan Afridi captained Pakistan cricket team in recent West Indies tour in May 2011. Pakistan won the one day series under his captaincy. But due to recent events due to problems within the team, management and the PCB chairman Ijaz Butt.

The news is spreading like a fire in jungle. The critics, sports players existing and the past are shocked at this news of Shahid Afridi. The reasons are still yet known why he has retired but there are some speculations from the local and international media.

The reasons are that Shahid Afridi had problems during West Indies series with the management and some few players in the team had also turned against Shahid Afridi. A full politics game is being played in the Pakistan Cricket Team.

We had heard such rumours before but this time it went too far and that is why Shahid Afridi retired or perhaps he resigned from his post. The rumours are coming in that he cannot play for a board that does not respects its players and the players decisions.

Shahid Afridi is record holder of many world records and is famous for his awesome batting. In the last 5 years Shahid Afridi bowling has improved a lot. Even in the last cricket world cup of one day matches Shahid Afridi took Pakistani cricket team to the semi final which was a big achievement

Shahid Afridi also had issues with PCB chairman Ijaz Butt. Ijaz Butt has made his own lobby in the PCB board and this lobby does not like Shahid Afridi as he only listens his own heart. There are rumours that the PCB chairman were about to sack Shahid Afridi for good but before they could do such action he retired with diginity from internationally cricket.

But this is something which his fans and cricket lovers might not like it at all. I am sure there will be some abrupt reactions with the fans. Some are that they might burn effigies of Ijaz Butt and other board members and cricket players. Shahid Afridi is loved by everyone and especially kids and youngsters.

Lets see if the patron in chief of PCB President Asif Ali Zardari takes some action on this incident. Shahid Afridi is an awesome player and a great man and to lose such a charismatic player is a great loss to the cricket. Lets hope things do work out between PCB and Shahid Afridi. Lets pray and keep our fingers cross.

You are my hero and i love you and you have proven that you can do wonders within the team players and management.

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