Sunday, May 29, 2011

Amy Winehouse In Rehab for Alcohol

Amy Winehouse a great singer is back in rehab because of her excessive use of alcohol. She was suffering from it in the past and now again she is in a deep drama. Her colleagues, friends and family members have put her back in rehab so that she can perform this summer in Europe and other continents.

She is at the moment in London Rehab facility. She said that she is trying to get rid of it so that she can focus on her career. Basically it was her father who forced to go back into rehab as she was using it a lot. He could bare to see his child in pain and suffery. So he asked Amy to get a grip and get back in shape.

Amy Winehouse agreed with this and now she is in rehab. The sources that she had the last bottle before she entered the rehab and she said goodbye to that alcohol bottle for good. The reasons for her excessive use is due to her personal issues.

Lets hope she comes back home soon for the concerts and we all could hear the sweet music of Amy Winehouse.

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