Friday, June 3, 2011

Anne Hathaway in One day

Anne Hathaway for her upcoming movie completely changes her look. She shows off as an old British Lady. Her new movie by the name of One day is something to watch out. Her last movie the Sex, love and drugs was considered a big sex blunder even though her acting was praised throughout the world.

There is no denying that she is an awesome actor and has shown her acting skills before. This new comedy flick will definitely highlight her acting skills. The move One day trailor just came out. Her co-star is Jim Sturgess. She is hoping that people will not remember her a lot of sex scenes but will remember her acting now.

Anne said that she does not mind showing but in her last movie it was too much and in some cases over exposed. Hopefully this new comedy flick will definitely give something to the movie lovers and especially to her fans.

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