Sunday, May 29, 2011

Jeff Conaway Dies

Jeff Conaway a hollywood star died on 27th may 2011 because of coma. He had good times and bad times in his life. He was well known from his hits like the Grease with John Travolta. He did TV series as well. But he had bad times when he had to go into rehab.

He was 60 at his death. Another great loss to the hollywood cinema. Jeff Conaway started his career when he was 10 on broadway in New York. He loved performing on the stage and was more eager towards the hunger of stage performances.

He had a good taste of working in good projects. But his life had many turmoils because of his personal issues. Being a super star does not mean that one has a great super life. Super stars are also normal person like us. I guess Jeff Conaway wanted to make others understand that he was a normal man but it was too late by the time he realized it.

One can only pray for his soul rest in peace.

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