Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Victoria Beckham to sing "The next King of England" on Prince William's Wedding


The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is announced and the date is 29th april 2011. Reasons are told that they both have heavy schedule of their work in June and July so they want to get over with it. Wedding is being planned and the wedding dress of Miss Kate Middleton is being made by Pnina Tornai. The designer is working out these days on some sketches and as soon as Kaate Middleton approves it the designer will start on the work. Well this is something which everyone knows.

The big news related to the wedding is that David Beckham and Vitoria Beckham are also invited to the party. Well whats the big news as they both are star and good friends of Prince William. Actually there are rumors gathering around Victoria.

The rumors say that Victoria Beckham will perform live at the wedding party. Yes, Victoria Beckham the ex-spice girl member will perform. She is not going to sing any song infact she is preparing a new song just for both of them Prince william and kate Middleton.

She wants to give it as a wedding gift to the coupling star. She says this song will last for centuries and the royal family would love. The other rumors say that the title of the song is "The next King of England". Well this is true or not will be revealed on 29th april 2011.

But Victoria Beckham performing at a wedding where she is been invited that is strange. And to give her new song as a wedding gift and tribute to the royal family that is something strange. I guess Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are short of cash these days or saving their money for their kids.

As Victoria we know is a posh girl and always dressed up poss, talks like posh and walks like posh. Such a behaviour from her side is a little strange. I mean not to gift something precious as a physical thing rather singing a new song for the newly married couple.

What if the song hurts the Queen then what. What the King of England, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Henry would do about it. Well, Queen of England would be very much disappointed if the song is not worth their time.

Victoria Beckham hats off to you if you are pulling this off. Hope you succeed and your song titled "The next King of England"does not hurts the Queen especially. Also my recommendation just go and enjoy the wedding and gift a nice posh something. Gift David Beckham's Bugatti Veyron 16 / 4 for god's sake.

Anyways only time will tell.

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