Sunday, February 27, 2011

Prediction: (A.S.A.D - Srilanka defeats Kenya in cricket world cup 2011)


14th Match, Group A
Sri Lanka

From 14:00 / 01.03.11
R Premadasa Stadium Colombo,Srilanka
Sri Lanka 


Its so easy to predict in this match that who will win it. Obviously its Srilanka and thats what majority believes. But hey we have to look at the predictions, forecasting and statistics only then we can who will be the winner.

Till to date all my predictions have come true except the last match between India and England which turned out to be a tie. So A.S.A.D (astrological systems on applied data) shows who will win the match when the team wants to win. When a team believes that their fate is what they see then the results would definitely differ. So one has to believe in order to change the destiny rather than believe that this is your destiny.

Statistics show srilanka is more stronger team than kenya. Srilanka has more stronger players as well. So Srilanka will win the match easily. And now when we look at the astrological systems on applied data (A.S.A.D) it shows that srilanka has the upper side and will win the match easily.

It will be a one sided match and srilankan players will show their class.

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