Saturday, March 5, 2011

Justin Bieber to sell his guitar - Approx worth (200, 000 US $)


Justin Bieber is planning to sell off his favourite childhood guitar for charity. The charity organization is USA based and works for blinds. justin bieber wants to do something for the society so he decided to give away his favourite guitar. He said that i can buy a another guitar but if my guitar can give a light to someone then auctioning for my guitar is nothing for it.

As to give something to human life is more important. he said he struggled at the start of his career and has seen ups and downs in his life. so donating the guitar means a lot to him. Anyways auction date is not yet revealed but it is said his guitar is worth a lot.

As justin bieber is the new sensation of the music industry and also of selena gomez. recently justin bieber sold his hair for 43000 dollars. The rumors say his guitar would see for like more than 200,000 US dollars. Justin bieber is hoping that it should cross half a million.

his guitar has always been there through thick and thin and it brings a lot of memories whenever i play it. So i hope its worth is well noted.

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